Please email with your resume if you’re interested in any of the positions described below.

Managing Partner – LedgerPrime

LedgerPrime is a subsidiary of Ledger Holdings Inc. The fund’s mandate is to make markets in cryptocurrencies and their derivatives.

We’re looking for an applicant with experience in derivatives, digital currency and financial markets to oversee the LedgerPrime entity and all of its operations. This individual will be responsible for committing LedgerPrime capital to both algorithmic and pre-negotiated block trading activity for bitcoin options and other digital currency derivatives. The Managing Partner is responsible for the entity’s risk-adjusted PNL, overseeing portfolio risk management and PNL resulting from trading and / or alpha. The Managing Partner will also oversee LedgerPrime’s relationships with its customers and the entity’s ability to provide customers with reliable, efficient and compliant execution services.

The LedgerPrime Managing Partner should have significant experience in options trading and risk management as it pertains to both high-frequency algorithmic trading as well as larger block trading.

Quantitative Strategist – LedgerPrime

LedgerPrime is a subsidiary of Ledger Holdings Inc. LedgerPrime is seeking a Quantitative Strategist to lead development for market-making in cryptocurrencies and their derivatives. The Quantitative Strategist will write software to model cryptocurrency price movements and volatility, as well as code high frequency market-making algorithms for two-sided quoting incorporating risk management, signals and low latency optimizations.

Programming proficiency (C, C++, or Python) and a reasonable understanding of statistics are the most important qualifications.

Lead QA Engineer – LedgerX

LedgerX is seeking an experienced Quality Assurance engineer to write, run and expand its internal platform test suites. Strong C, C++, Python and relational database skills required.

Integrations Engineer – LedgerX

LedgerX is looking to hire an experienced full-stack engineer to build, maintain, test and improve integrations with third-party services and software, including regulatory reporting software. Strong Python and performance profiling and optimization skills required.

Sales Associate – LedgerX

LedgerX is seeking a Sales Associate to manage day-to-day sales relationships for the company. The Sales Associate will be responsible for engaging with existing LedgerX customers with respect to participation on the LedgerX platform and helping to provide participants with a seamless experience. This process includes working with participants on all matters related to on-boarding, and post-launch will include assisting participants with matters related to trading on LedgerX.

The Sales Associate will also be responsible for tracking solicited and unsolicited sales leads, conversion metrics, and utilizing tools to continuously refine the sales process.  The Sales Associate should be a diligent individual with an understanding of derivatives and digital currency, and a desire to engage externally with clients.

Executive Assistant – LedgerX

LedgerX is seeking a part-time Executive Assistant to be responsible for reception, phone support, calendar management, travel coordination, vendor management, general office maintenance, event planning, managing the firm’s online presence and various other items as required. The Executive Assistant will primarily interact with the CEO, President/CRO and COO/CFO of LedgerX.