Trade on LedgerX

LedgerX aims to launch in September 2017 for the trading and clearing of physically-settled put and call options and day-ahead swaps. Participants will be able to connect through the API or execute trades on the Web Trading Interface. The LedgerX Rulebook describes the platform rules.

LedgerX Participant Criteria

In order to participate on the LedgerX platform at launch, Participants must currently:

  1. Be an Eligible Contract Participant as defined by the CEA
  2. Be US-based and US-banked
  3. If an entity, have two representatives for authorization purposes

Eligible Contract Participant Criteria

Below are the most common categories through which LedgerX Participants satisfy the ECP criteria:

  • Financial Institution (e.g., Broker Dealer, FCM) or Investment Company that is currently subject to regulation
  • Hedging entity with assets exceeding $1mm
  • Non-hedging entity with assets exceeding $10mm
  • Hedging individual with assets exceeding $5mm
  • Non-hedging individual with assets exceeding $10mm

For the full and complete ECP criteria, please reference section (m) here.

Next Steps

If you meet the LedgerX Participant Criteria, please email and a LedgerX representative will contact you with next steps for KYC.

Please note that we are throttling participation due to outsized demand. We apologize for any potential delays but are committed to getting everyone on board during the fall.