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Engineering First

In nearly every investor pitch I do (which is, unfortunately, a ton), I always try to emphasize that LedgerX is an engineering first company. Sure, we do a lot of great financial, regulatory and legal work, but engineering is first.  There is a lot of nodding to that...
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Blackjack, Poker and Startups

Poker is the gold standard for discussion among people who are “smart.” The complexities of the game and the dynamic interaction with human emotions, bluffing, and things of that sort inspire a lot of interesting discussion. But startups are rarely like that. They’re...
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Is BTC “real”?

One of the most common questions I get when interfacing with regulators, financial executives, or anyone else relatively new to Bitcoin revolves around the 21,000,000 BTC issuance limit. The Bitcoin protocol specifies that only 21 million BTC will ever be minted for...
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Federal Government’s Bitcoin Adviser Calls Blockchain Startups ‘Misguided’

Paul Chou is an outlier in the super-hot New York City blockchain scene working to build the decentralized ledger technology made popular by bitcoin into the core of Wall Street.

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We’re Doubling Down on bitcoin

Even the most jaded financial executive will have to admit that free markets largely work. So this notion that bitcoin as a currency is not real and has no value is a bit puzzling. It has a bid, it has an ask, and it has trading volume. And while a $6B market cap...
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